Braces for Children

Braces for children

At Maddox Orthodontics, we want to provide all family members with the very best orthodontic care possible. That is why we encourage children to be brought in for an early orthodontic consultation. This can help us identify any long-term issues we can address now, or plan for.

What is an early consultation?

Children can really benefit from seeing an orthodontist between the ages of seven and 11. During this time, many of the baby teeth have been lost and adult teeth are developing, jaws are still soft, and there are the teenage years ahead when treatment can be most effective.

At this early consultation, treatment won’t necessary take place but it is an opportunity for our team to identify any orthodontic issues that may be developing, such as crowding or spacing issues or the impact on teeth growth and positioning if your child sucks his or her thumb or grinds their teeth.


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Phase 1 treatment

If any treatment is required, it is likely to be phase 1 treatment. This treatment involves the use of a functional appliance to widen the jaw in order to make room for adult teeth to grow. These appliances are removable, can be adjusted by parents at home and, once your child gets used to it, is comfortable to wear.

At Maddox Orthodontics, we use the XXX functional appliance during phase 1 treatment.

Benefits of an early consultation

An early consultation with our friendly team here at Maddox orthodontics can have the following benefits:

  • Your child has the opportunity to become familiar with the orthodontic environment and our family, friendly clinic.
  • By identifying issues early on we can reduce the extent of treatment during your child’s teenage years.
  • Treating problems early can reduce the financial cost of extensive treatment in the long run.

Do you want to start your child on a journey to a straighter smile? Book an early consultation at Maddox Orthodontics today for the benefit of your child’s oral health.